Mediastream is the leading company of streaming services

With more than 150 brands that trust us, we offer the best technology for video and audio management and transmission.

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We are a professional team dedicated to create an extraordinary experience in the visualization of our clients' audiovisual content. We develop our own tools to solve the needs of today's digital audience.
Mediastream offers an end-to-end solution where our value is the support we provide to our clients. We believe in them from their first need, we adapt our products to achieve the best service and finally we deliver solutions to know how the public behaves while consuming the content.Therefore, we have the best personalized service and 24/7 support for every need.
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Why is Mediastream the best choice?

A global streaming pioneer, with more than 14 years of experience, and the best network of associated clients and partners.
Excellent production team with great knowledge of new technology and streaming innovations.
Real End-to-End solution to accompany all clients from the beginning to the end of each project.
Product customization to meet customer's need. If something is missing, we create it for you.
Mediastream Tools: Own Player, Distribution Network (CDN), Content Analytics, Attention and support 24/7.
More than 3.044.705 hours of successful transmissions in promotional and corporate events support our experience.
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Our Team

We are a consolidated team qualified to provide the best service to customers who trust on Mediastream
Luis Ahumada - CEO

Luis Ahumada

CEO & Founder
Elizabeth Martens - Gerente Administración

Elizabeth Martens

Administration Manager & Co - Founder
Francisco Vergara - Operations Manager

Francisco Vergara

Director of Operations & Partner
Marco Lopes - CEO Brasil

Marco Lopes

CEO Mediastream Brasil
Carlos Guajardo - Operations Manager Brasil

Carlos Guajardo

Operations Manager Brasil


Luis Ahumada CEO & Founder

Luis Ahumada

Mediastream's founder, CEO and Board president. Endeavor entrepeneur with more than 10 years of experience innovating for the biggest media in Latin America.

Julian Herman

Julian Herman

Managing Director in the Santiago office The Boston Consulting Group’s Platinion and collaborator of strategy consulting, digital ventures, and data science to bring strategic client decisions to life in complex environments and over short time frames.

Julian Herman

Jacopo Bracco

Managing Director at  Scale Capital, focused on transforming the TMT industry, began is career in the entertainment industry as an intern at 20th Century Fox. Through various mergers, he stayed on board to expand the business and become President of DIRECTV PanAmericana.

Member of IAB Chile & Colombia

We are part of the companies associated to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), an international organization dedicated to promote the use of digital and interactive advertising.



Since 2014, the Scale Capital Investment Fund (which is part of Amérigo) invests in Mediastream. Telefónica is the largest contributor to the Fund.


Thanks Endeavor

We are proudly an Endeavor Company, supporting entrepreneurs of high impact. Mediastream was chosen in the year 2014 at the international panel number 56 in Miami, FL, USA. We actively participate in the entrepreneur ecosystem.

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Are you ready to take your streaming experience to the next level?

Our Partners

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