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Festival de Viña
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Live Streaming with television-like experiences

Deliver world-class Live Streaming to your audience at any scale, from executive meetings, seminars and product launches to big concerts.

We take care of the audiovisual production of your events, either remotely or in person.
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Comunicación empresarial. Administra y Comparte videos de tu Empresa
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Expand the scope and interaction rate of your events

Publish your live streaming on your Social Networks, Website and use our Next Event module to create your personalized Landing Page which includes HTML5 player, access form with different access restrictions (tickets sold, user registration, free access, invitation), with interactive tools such as chat and voting systems.
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Características: Seguridad de videos, token de acceso, soporte en español y más

Maximize revenue from your events with specialized tools

We offer different options to maximize the income of your events, either via online transactions, advertising or tools such as Live Shopping that will allow you to derive traffic to your e-commerce during the transmission of your event.
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Take full control of your content

If you hold several events each month, we recommend you to use the Mediastream Platform to manage and distribute all of your audiovisual content.

Management of multiple live streaming signals, VOD content and editing and analytical tools such as Live Editor, Next Events and Online Analytic modules.
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