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With the support of more than 200 brands that trust us, we manage to offer the best technology for the management and transmission of audio and video.

Our purpose is to revolutionize the way audio and video content is consumed and distributed, through innovative and personalized technological solutions, providing an exceptional user experience and supporting the success of our clients in the #mediatech and streaming industry.

We strive to simplify the complexity of streaming, offering custom solutions and ongoing support to ensure an exceptional end-user experience.


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About Mediastream

Mediastream is a leading mediatech technology company founded in 2007 by Luis Ahumada, an experienced professional in radio and digital management.

With his expertise in streaming technology, Ahumada foresaw the future of the industry, which we now recognize as the present state of streaming, ubiquitous everywhere today.

At Mediastream, we offer cutting-edge technology solutions for audio and video streaming, podcasting, OTT, data analytics, audiences and advertising. Our comprehensive solution provides our clients with the support they need, from initial content management to monetization, optimizing the user experience, a real end to end.

We understand the common challenges our clients face, whether they operate a large pay TV platform, OTT service, audio platforms, including the need to minimize time to market and provide a seamless user experience.

At Mediastream, we strive every day to be the best partner.

Our values

At Mediastream, our culture and values ​​are the basis of everything we do. We strive to be a strong and committed team that is governed by our four fundamental pillars.

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In addition, our core capabilities, such as trust, creativity, harmony, discipline, continuous improvement, collaboration and learning, help us create personalized solutions and maintain a close relationship with our clients.

In everything we do, we are also guided by our values ​​of honesty, passion and transparency. We believe that these values ​​are essential to building relationships of trust and to guarantee the success of both our clients and our team.



Mediastream Founding

Launch of Nowplaying, a web player focused on user experience and integrated with Dalet. PlayFM becomes our first client.

PlayFM – First Mediastream client

Begin of video streaming services

Canal 13 becomes our first TV client with the launch of Tele13 Online and the HD series Los 80's.

Tele13 Online – First Chilean signal 24 hours online

Los 80 – Canal 13



Viña del Mar Festival Transmission

Transmission of the Viña del Mar Festival, the most important event in Latin America. First broadcast using HLS Streaming for iPhone.

Transmission of the Viña del Mar Festival

StreamNow/Twitcar Launch

An innovative live show about a car. Special coverage of the rescue of the 33 miners. Start of Live streaming services for events.

Twitcar by Mediastream

Live Streaming Rescue 33 Miners - Canal13

StreamNow by Mediastream

Viña 2010 – Live streaming



Creation of our own CDN

StreamNow, an event in Santiago to promote and discuss the changes that come with the use of streaming. Transmission for the White House of Barack Obama's visit to Chile.

Transmission for the White House of Barack Obama's visit to Chile

Begin of Mediastream Colombia

Launch of the first Chilean football OTT with subscription together with the Estadio CDF football channel. Elemental recognizes Mediastream as the best partner in LATAM.

Estadio CDF – First Chilean Football OTT




The channel of all Chileans becomes the first client of Mediastream Platform.

Begin of Mediastream Brasil

Launch of OTT Winsports Online, the OTT platform for Colombian football. Amérigo Chile Early Stage & Growth invests in Mediastream Series A. Elected as an Endeavor company in the Miami ISP. 

Empresa Endeavor



Begin of operations in Miami

To have a commercial presence in US Hispanic and Mexico. Live Editor launched on Mediastream Platform. Mega joins as a Mediastream client.

Esporte Interativo (Turner)

Caracol Televisión and RCN choose Mediastream Platform to be their OVP.



Multimedios chooses Mediastream

Multimedios chooses Mediastream as its only streaming platform. Launch of Onda Media with Mediastream OTT for the Ministry of Culture of Chile.

Begin of Mediastream Audience

Our monetization platform. Relaunch of our audio solutions with an exclusive agreement with Adswizz for Latam.



Emisor Podcasting Launch

In collaboration with RDF Mediastream. América TV chooses Mediastream Platform. Creation of a new analytics platform.

OTT MediaFirst - RDF Media


Selection of Mediastream by Netflix to be its platform for Live Screening services along with the new OTT Next service. Cogna chooses Mediastream for its education platform

Live Streaming – Netflix



Madrid, Spain

Opening of operations in Madrid, Spain. TV Azteca changes all its streaming providers to Mediastream.

Participation in IBC Amsterdam

Gol Tv, RCN Radios and Mercado Libre join as new important clients.

Mediastream in IBC Amsterdam



Nab Show Las Vegas

Mediastream participates in the largest media, entertainment and technology fair in the world.

Mediastream Nabshow Las Vegas 2023

Recognitions and Partners

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