End to end for real

Offer a flexible and personalized experience from any device

All the points involved for the correct distribution of your OTT

Intuitive and flexible interface, capable of solving the entire value chain associated with the administration, distribution and monetization of audiovisual content.

Optimize Resources

End to end solution that will allow you to save time and resources with the most robust Streaming platform.

The best UX

Your audience will be able to enjoy your Live & VOD content in their preferred language with the best quality and user experience.

Monetize your content

Whether through subscription, PPV or Advertising, generate income through the monetization of your content.

grandes OTT confían en nosotros

Total autonomy in your hands

Get complete control of your OTT, without the need for a team of developers.

Update your content and components from the platform. Visualize improvements before publishing, and feel in complete control.

More simplicity and efficiency than ever!

    Your content on the main devices and platforms

    Create unmatched, high-quality experiences, compatible with all devices and platforms.

    Available on Web, Smart TV and Mobile Applications.

    Delivers top-notch audio and video experiences

    Organize your content by programs, stations, channels, seasons, producer, among others. Plus, it automatically connects with other podcast and video platforms.

    Generate income through the monetization of your content

    Choose how you want to monetize your content with Coupons, Resellers, Subscription and PPV options for your users.

    Specialized modules to manage your OTTs

    Mediastream Platform has modules designed exclusively to manage your OTT, which allows you to have everything integrated from the same platform

    Shows Module

    Organize your content by programs, seasons, producer, among others, offering top-level consumer experiences.

    Ads Module

    Manage advertising to monetize your content. Integration with Adserver and SSAI format. 100% integrated advertising ecosystem.

    Customer Module

    Manage your customers, discount coupons, payments and financial statistics in a dedicated module.

    User Federation Module

    Manage users and create federated groups to facilitate segmentation and access to specific content.

    Next Module

    Create and update your content and components of your OTT. Visualize improvements before publishing, and feel in complete control.

    Live Module

    Publish your live signal, from sports broadcasts to live events.

    Make decisions based on real data

    Get visibility into the performance of your content, users, and financial analytics from a single dashboard. Our complete audience analysis module, behavior, content consumption, among others.

    OTT Integrations


    Detailed information about the programming guide of live channels, providing accurate and up-to-date metadata.


    Enable easy access for your users with their provider credentials, ideal for bundled packages.


    Includes real-time information on sports highlights such as scores, players, cards, changes and more.

    The best end user support

    We answer queries through a service ticket

    We have a dedicated support team, tasked with resolving end-user issues in the shortest time possible.

    OTT Features

    Live and VOD content

    Make your content available live and videos on demand.

    Categories and Programs

    Organize your content by programs, seasons, producer, among others, offering top-level consumer experiences.

    Offers and Coupons

    Generation of offers, coupons and personalized promotions.

    User authentication

    Access to users through their Google or Facebook accounts.

    Favorites and Search

    Powerful interaction tools that allow your users to find their favorite content simply and easily.


    Choose your content access model: Free, Freemium, Paid Subscription, PPV or advertising.

    Ready to take your streaming to another level?