Transmit your content via streaming with the best technology

We have proven experience in more than 3,000 live streaming events for more than 2 million simultaneous users

Innovate in your communications using Virtual Reality

  • Create unique and engaging experiences for your team and audience.
  • Personalize and adapt your message, without losing your brand identity.

We unite streaming, technology and audiovisual production to create incredible experiences and results at your events.

Offer the best live experience with Next Event

We design personalized landing pages for each event, which allows you to connect one or more live streaming signals.

    • Access Rules and Forms (Integration with Google SSO) and interaction tools such as chat, quiz and real-time reactions.
    • Make decisions based on real data during the event with our analytics.

    What kind of events do we stream?

    Seminars, Conferences and Webinars

    Congresses, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, talks, press conferences, debates, speeches, webinars, forums.

    • Live streaming and expand the audience of your in-person events.
    • Audiovisual team with extensive experience.
    • Online audience statistics.
    • HD quality in the transmission of the event.


    Management messages, sales conventions, product launches, extended meetings, motivational talks and training.

    • Improve your company's internal communication through streaming.
    • Stream your corporate message on any device in the world.
    • Get feedback from your connected workers.
    • Enjoy an end-to-end service.

    Live Shopping

    Use your Live Streaming as a showcase to sell your products, allowing attendees to shop and shop while you stream.

    • Highlight your products or services as your stream progresses.
    • Link streaming with your eCommerce.

    Brand Events

    Brand and/or product launch.

    Promotional activations at points of sale, digital activations, entertainment shows, concerts and more.

    • Expand the impact of your marketing actions via streaming.
    • Viralize content on social networks.
    • Expand the audience (in-person and virtual)
    • Impact users anywhere in the world
    • Build user loyalty with live experiences.

    Virtual Events

    We connect speakers from different places in the world from your computer.

    Our team of professionals is in charge of taking your streaming to another level, incorporating images, presentations, videos, interaction between speakers, brand branding and more.

    • Panels of up to 8 speakers from anywhere in the world.
    • Remote director with the ability to channel each speaker's camera, PPT and/or video, in a dynamic interface.

    Stream through a landing page or to social networks

    We create your personalized Landing Page which includes HTML5 player, access form, interactive tools such as chat, voting systems and reactions.

    We connect streaming to
    your social networks

    Publish your live broadcasts on your social networks such as Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitch or Instagram, expanding the audience of your event.

      The big players trust Mediastream

      We stream +3000 events a year

      We have proven experience in live streaming events for more than
      2 million simultaneous users.


      Conoce más detalles técnicos


      We encode the signal in multiple qualities in real time using NewTek Tricaster and Elemental Technologies.

      Own player

      Embeddable and versatile. Support for multiple devices, restricted access management, multi-language, multi-bitrate, DVR and multiple cameras support.

      Stability and Support

      Team of experts monitoring at all times for maximum scalability and stability of the service.


      Access restrictions by user, territories, devices, network type, among others. Secure streaming system with token, encrypted streaming and compatible with DRM.


      We have our own CDN with the capacity to support thousands of simultaneous users at high attendance events.


      Complete performance visibility in a single dashboard. Analysis of audience, attendees, average time, behavior and content consumption, among others.

      Integration with Social Networks

      Share your content to your users through social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twich or Instagram.


      Relive the experience, delivering the event to your audience when, where and for as long as you want. (Video on Demand).

      AV Team

      Specialized team of high technical quality accompanying you at every step. Your skills and knowledge contribute to creating a successful experience.

      Ready to take your streaming to another level?