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The market-leading platform for managing and distributing audiovisual content

The big players trust Mediastream

A Platform designed for the needs of each business

Media and Entertainment

Manage and distribute your content offering the best quality.

Optimize your team's time by automating their processes, obtain visibility of the performance of your content from a single panel and generate new income.

All from a single modular platform with 24/7 support.

Ecommerce y Retail

Amplía la visibilidad de tus eventos de manera segura y lleva tus transmisiones al siguiente nivel con Mediastream Platform.

Nuestra plataforma está diseñada para potenciar tu marca y brindar experiencias de streaming excepcionales a tus clientes en el mundo del eCommerce y el Retail

Banca y Financiera

Whether you need to broadcast internal information to your employees or reach your customers with relevant content, our platform provides you with the necessary tools.
We are committed to ensuring quality and security in your live or VOD broadcasts, and our team and technology are equipped to handle the unique challenges of the financial industry, providing a safe and reliable environment for your important events and communications.


Administra tus cursos en línea de audio o video y conéctalos a tus sitios web, entornos o aulas virtuales y apps a través de Mediastream Platform.

Nuestra plataforma utiliza tecnología de vanguardia para garantizar una reproducción fluida y sin interrupciones con herramientas de accesibilidad.

Organiza tu contenido Live o VOD con módulos que facilitan el seguimiento de las clases en línea y sigue en tiempo real el consumo de tu contenido a través de un completo panel de analíticas.


Provide an uninterrupted and exciting experience to your fans anywhere in the world and on their various devices.

Whether you're broadcasting the Olympics, the World Cup, or any other major sporting event or championship, our platform is ready to handle high traffic demands, provide a high-quality live streaming experience, and offer 24/7 support


Offer top-tier experiences with tools specifically designed to help you connect with your collaborators and customers, always ensuring the security of your content.

Broadcast conferences, internal events, meetings, talks, trainings, and product launches, among others. Our platform and team are ready to handle high traffic demands, provide a high-quality live streaming experience, and offer 24/7 support.

Automate your content cutting and publishing processes

Use the tools offered by Platform and optimize your team's times

Live Editor

Go back in time and create clips directly from your live streaming signal in seconds.

AI Module

Search and analysis of feelings, emotions, faces, brands, among others, and automatic transcription of content.


Schedule the generation of VOD to AOD from your live signal and publish automatically on the date and time you want.

Boost your content management with AI Assistant

We have integrated AI services to help you create content.

  • Creation of Copywriter texts from audio.
  • More metadata using audio to write good content.
  • Better understand the data to decide.

Fast Channel: The simplest way to share your content

  • Custom Programming: Automatically create channels based on your video content.
  • Programming Rules: Customize your programming with specific rules for an optimized user experience.
  • Integrated Advertising: Monetize your content with ads during your most important time intervals.

Make cuts and publish your AOD with Live Editor Pro

The fastest and most effective way to manage your content in real time

    Monetize your content with exclusive video and audio formats

    Maximize your income with advertising deployment by integrating with your Adserver and implementing Dynamic Ad Insertion format.

    Video & Audio Formats

    Dynamic Ad Insertion, Pre, Mid and Post roll in your streaming, VOD & AOD

    Audience segmentation

    Segment your campaigns by site, show, episode, device, among others

    Advertising Ecosystem

    Advertising ecosystem integrated with audio and video player. Ad Server, SSP, DSP

    Online statistics

    Receive an analysis of audience behavior and know content consumption in real time. All the tools you need to make decisions and optimize your digital video or audio strategy.

    Migration of content and users

    Fast and efficient migration and implementation.

    Specialized and dedicated team throughout the entire process. Cutting-edge technical specifications for an optimal experience.

    Optimize your video stream
    with Platform

    Through our API integrated with your website you can publish and monetize all your content in real time and with the best quality.

    Technical specifications


    Upload your content once and automatically generate encoding from 144p to 1080p and thumbnail capture.

    Integrated player

    HTML5 video, audio and podcast player, customizable and compatible with multiple devices, responsive and integrated with social networks.

    Secure OVP

    Protection of your content through access token, DRM, geo-fencing, network restrictions, by device or by referrer.

    Catch-up TV

    You can record your live streaming to the cloud and automatically make them available On Demand.


    Ad Server Integration - VAST / VPAID, collects with the most important payment methods in Latin America and the world in any currency.


    Platform has a complete API for all the integrations you require.

    Multi-language platform

    Support for multiple languages, allowing users to enjoy content in their preferred language.


    RTMP, HTTP and SRT ingestion protocols. HLS, HDS, Smooth Streaming, MPEG-DASH and SRT output protocols.

    Own CDN

    We make sure that your videos and audios reach your audience quickly and reliably. Additionally, we give you the flexibility to integrate your own CDN.

    What our Clients say

    We are proud to have Mediastream as our streaming and technology service provider. Its content management and administration platform will allow us to provide our audience with a high-quality viewing experience on any device.

    Dennis Vaque

    Head of Technology, Spanish Broadcasting System

    The contribution of Mediastream has been a pillar in terms of the development of Audio in RDF Media. Not only, of course, through the quality of its streaming, but fundamentally from the possibility of considering, together, developments and experiences that mean a step forward.

    Gabriel Polgati Rojas

    Executive Director, RDF MEDIA

    The level of detail of the information provided by the Mediastream Platform allowed us to realize the content consumption behavior of users throughout the day and to make, based on that information, publication decisions that allow us be more accurate when offering content to users and thus increase its reach

    Fernando Cataldo

    Digital Commercial Developer, TVN

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