The most complete audio streaming and podcast solution on the market

Organize all your online programs and podcasts from a single platform.

Manage your online radio and podcast simply and efficiently

Reduce your costs

With our end-to-end solution, you will be able to manage your entire digital audio strategy from a single platform, optimizing and automating processes and workflows to save time and development resources.

Better UX

Offer your audience the best quality and user experience with our modern player for online radio and podcast. Get information on artists, covers and songs, and let you relive shows and moments.

Generate new income

We have a fully integrated tech ecosystem, designed to monetize your content through Ad Insertion advertising formats.

THE Big radio stations trust mediastream

Fast, no interruptions, no problems

Player on your website

It is developed for a simple integration with your radio, a JavaScript line. Encoder on any Windows platform or others, compatible with Dalet. RCS, Dinesat and many more to discover songs that the radio broadcasts.

Know your audience

Where do your listeners connect from, what are the times of greatest concentration. Number of Streams, Live Attendance, Starts, Devices, Countries, Shows, Engagement, Retention and much more information.

Multi device

Your audience will be able to listen to online radio at any time and from any device since it adapts not only to computers, but also to iOS devices, Android, Smart Speakers, Smart TV, Cars and more!

Your programs and podcasts organized from a single platform

Offer the best consumer experience for your content

Modern and responsive player

Compatible with all Web browsers and Smartphones. Our player allows users to listen to your radio again and obtain information about artists and songs.

Artist and song information

Automatically displays information about artists, covers and songs.

Time Shifting

Allows users to re-listen to shows, songs, podcasts, and moments.

Organize and distribute your content

Organize your content by programs, seasons, producer, among others. It offers first-class consumer experiences, as well as perfect integration with social networks so that users can interact.

Automate your processes

Schedule the automatic publication of podcast episodes and generate cuts directly from your live signal to automatically load the content in your player.

Proven security and stability

Support for access restrictions, secure streaming system with token, redundancies and Mediastream's own CDN.

Maximize the value of your inventory with Ad Insertion

Digital audio inventory monetization

100% integrated programmatic ecosystem. Sell ​​campaigns directly and/or programmatically. Integration with Adswizz will allow you to receive income instantly.

Dynamic Ad Insertion for audio

Audio ad insertion solution that enables advertising ingestion within Audio Streaming and Podcasts, while optimizing the audio experience for your audience.

Expand your audience to all listening platforms

Our automatically created Social Media feeds are compatible with the most popular podcast directories and apps on the market, including Spotify, TuneIn, Apple and more.

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Lo que dicen nuestros Clientes

"The contribution of Mediastream has been a pillar in terms of the development of Audio in RDF Media. Not only, of course, through the quality of its streaming, but fundamentally from the possibility of considering, together, developments and experiences that mean a step forward."

Gabriel Polgati Rojas

Executive Director RDF MEDIA

"We have seen that there is a lot of movement in advertising, higher CPMs and greater profitability. The analytics provided by Mediastream allow us to make better commercial decisions regarding content and its marketing."

Enrique López León

Programmatic Sales Coordinator RPP

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