Team Mediastream

Living, passion and work, the perfect balance

We are passionate about the world of streaming. We are constantly immersed in a stimulating technological environment, we work as a team and have autonomy, we solve complex problems with interesting technical challenges and we learn more every day to grow professionally.

A passion for technology and a desire to stay up-to-date are important aspects of being successful in this dynamic and ever-changing industry. At Mediastream we give you all the tools so that you can develop professionally and personally.

Life and remote work

This allows us to balance our personal and professional lives in perfect synchronicity and bring together talents from different geographical locations.
This diversity provides an enriching perspective and encourages collaboration to generate innovative ideas.

Team around the world

Professionals from all latitudes! We have a team with more than 15 different nationalities

All Hands

We periodically meet as a great team, to share updates, exchange ideas and celebrate achievements. These meetings reinforce team spirit and solidarity among members and keep us connected.

    Retreats, walks and events

    These moments outside the workplace allow us to get to know each other better and enjoy fun experiences together. 

    Join the Team

    Pillars and values

    Passion for technology and desire to stay up to date

    Are you passionate about the #mediatech world and streaming? 🚀

    We value diversity and inclusion, which is reflected in our multicultural team who work both remotely and in-person.

    If you want to be part of a dynamic, innovative and passionate team, and work on cutting-edge projects in the world of streaming, Mediastream is the place for you!