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Welcome to the next level of simplicity and control in planning and executing your programming

Customized Programming

Automatically create channels with Media, Show, and Live content.

Integrated Advertising

Monetize your content by investing in advertisements during your preferred time intervals.

Programming Rules

Customize your programming with specific rules for an optimized user experience.

The simplest way to broadcast your content

Integrated Content Management

Easily manage a variety of contents, from on-demand videos (VOD) to live broadcasts. Experience the flexibility of managing both types of content simultaneously, giving you total control over your programming.
Unleash the full potential of the Live Module with EPG Information to integrate into OTTs or UI.

Simplicity in Configuration

Create programs and activate live events with just one click. Add, delete, or edit elements in the programming grid easily and quickly.

Advertising Integration with SCTE-35

Maximize impact and monetization by easily incorporating advertising brands with dynamic ad insertion.
Optimize revenue by providing a seamless experience and hassle-free advertising planning.

Intuitive Interface

Its user-friendly interface simplifies the planning and execution of programming. With sections like preview, current & upcoming, and programming grid, you'll have a complete and detailed view of your content.

Effortless Schedule Creation

Easily create time segments called 'schedules'. Assign various types of content with the option to configure one-time activations or recurring schedules. Adapt the programming to special or regular events with total flexibility.


High-quality transmission and adaptability with our HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) output from the Live module and ABR (Adaptive Bitrate) streaming. This ensures an optimal viewing experience, adapting to different internet speeds and device qualities.

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