The most complete solution focused on Media and Broadcasters

Every streaming you make puts on the table the reputation of your brand, the commitment to your audience and the results of your company

All points connected to streaming integrated into a single ecosystem

We have solutions that adapt to your media


The most complete audio and video content management and distribution platform used by the big players.


Offer your users the best content consumption experience and flexible monetization options via subscription, PPV or AVOD.


Choose the model you want to monetize your content, whether subscription or via advertising. Run advertising spots through pre-roll or Ad Insertion (SSAI) within your live feed.

The big players trust Mediastream

Platform is the end-to-end solution for your audio and video streaming strategy

Manage your content and distribute it across the network offering the best quality


Manage and distribute your content simply, quickly and securely through the CDN Mediastream.

Resource Optimization

Optimize your team's times through tools such as Live Editor, Artificial Intelligence.

Online Analytics

Get visibility into the performance of your content, users, and financial analytics from a single dashboard.

Generate new income and monetize your content

Our challenge is to increase your advertising revenue by maximizing video and audio ad revenue on your Live Streaming, VOD or AOD signal.

  • Integrated tech ecosystem (Adserver, SSP, DSP).
  • Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) format for inserting ads within your audio or video signal.
  • We work with you to maximize your income through our  Mediastream Audience commercial team.

Bring your content to the main platforms and devices

Create unmatched, high-quality experiences, compatible with all devices and platforms. Generate income through subscriptions or advertising (SSAI).


    Make decisions based on real data with the analytics module

    Gain visibility into your statistics with demographic data, make informed decisions about your audience's behavior, the performance of your content, and access complete financial analysis.

    Support and Monitoring Team

    Support team available 24/7, dedicated to effectively solving problems of organization, content security, statistics and more.

    Team of experts monitoring at all times to achieve maximum scalability and stability of the service.

      What our Clients say

      "We are proud to have Mediastream as our streaming and technology service provider. Its content management and administration platform will allow us to provide our audience with a high-quality viewing experience on any device."

      Dennis Vaque

      Head of Technology, Spanish Broadcasting System.

      "The contribution of Mediastream has been a pillar in terms of the development of Audio in RDF Media. Not only, of course, through the quality of its streaming, but fundamentally from the possibility of considering, together, developments and experiences that mean a step forward."

      Gabriel Polgati Rojas

      Executive Director de RDF MEDIA

      "We have seen that there is a lot of movement in advertising, higher CPMs and greater profitability. The analytics provided by Mediastream allow us to make better commercial decisions regarding content and its marketing."

      Enrique López León

      Programmatic Sales Coordinator RPP

      Ready to take your streaming to another level?