We sell premium audiences in the main Publishers

With the most attractive digital Video and Audio formats

Plan your campaigns with the most efficient formats on the market

Our commercial and operations team will support you at all times

Video Server Side Ad Insertion

Video advertising that is inserted into the Live Signal, replacing commercial breaks. Non skip format and avoiding Ad Blockers. VTR +90%

Audio Ad Insertion

Digital audio insertion advertising within Radio and Podcast Streaming with the highest listening rates. Non Skip Formats.

Buy the way you want

We offer purchasing models through a programmatic platform or managed directly by our commercial team.

Traditional Purchase

Programmatic Purchase

The mais Media Agencies and Trading Desk trust Mediastream Audience for their local and regional campaigns

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Mix of Formats

We offer a variety of advertising formats, from Preroll to Display, to maximize the reach and impact of your campaigns.

Centralized purchase

Save time by eliminating the complexity of multiple deals and simplifying advertising campaign management.

Dedicated team

We have a dedicated team that provides ongoing support to ensure your campaigns meet your advertising objectives.


Premium Audiences in the main market media

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