Cheil and Samsung's betting on Live Shopping events


Almost everyone knows the term Live Streaming, but now a new advantage has been added with the 'Live Shopping' concept. It is an interesting mix where e-commerce, social media and live streaming come together to create a hybrid event where attendees or ‘viewers’ can directly purchase products displayed on the screen.

This is the case with Cheil Chile, Samsung's global agency, which has played in this format, and are already on their third successful ‘Live Shopping’ day, using Mediastream’s streaming on their own platform. They recently had a ‘Z Liveshopping’ event in which they pre-sold the new line of smartphones ZFold 3 and ZFlip 3.

The origin of the brand is significant as the ‘Live Shopping’ trend was born in Asia. In this format, the sale of products goes from catalog description to something interactive, which generates much more interest and is much more dynamic for users and potential buyers.

In this event, which took place in one of TVN's studios, well-known ‘faces’ from nationwide television presented and described products, and offered attractive promotional prices. All products could be bought immediately.

Fernando Jorquera, Cheil's Digital Account Manager, tells us that “Undoubtedly, we have many references from the Asian market regarding live shopping content, but our local consumer market is just getting started, so we had to adapt our sales tactics, which have led us to be a World Success story. In Latam, Chile is proposed as a model to follow and we have been the early adopters in 2021. In 2022 the Liveshop for local brands and retailers must be transformed into a ‘since’, we will continue to identify the new needs, audiences and technological platforms to keep building successful campaigns.”

In addition, he adds that “the reception has been very good in all terms, be it commercial such as 'sensing and engagement' and that also 'as a brand, segmentation is fundamental and the work carried out has been increasingly focused on the learning of each event to offer our audience a more entertaining, dynamic, interactive content along with an attractive commercial offer, I think that is the formula that connects the audiences favorably.

Mediastream has this technology available from last year and has performed very good results with important events. We know that in the coming months this format will become more and more common, gaining strength in several countries of the region. You need engaging presentations, consumer-relevant products, and a premium shopping and streaming experience. Don't forget that we can help you boost your brand and increase your e-commerce sales. Contact us to see how we can help.