Curso Positivo Transforms Education with Streaming Classes


Curso Positivo, one of Brazil's leading education systems with over 40 years of experience, was already providing online resources to support education even before the pandemic in 2020. However, the suspension of in-person classes led to the implementation of 100% online classes to meet the needs of future university students.

While a basic streaming solution was initially employed, the provided resources proved inadequate to meet the challenges that arose during the early months of the new online approach. This prompted the educational institution to consider an alternative. The Mediastream platform was chosen for its superior capabilities in managing online classes, ensuring the desired quality in both transmission and content management, compared to other solutions in the market.

Additionally, Posiplay, the classroom access environment, was enhanced with a range of resources for students, teachers, and technicians responsible for recording classes and content management using the new platform.

Alceu Gnoatto, Executive Director of Curso Positivo, commented on what caught their attention about Mediastream technology: "What impressed us most about Mediastream technology is its transmission quality and real-time editing ease. During the live broadcast, we have an editor in each classroom making cuts and edits as needed, eliminating the need for post-production, as was the case before. As soon as the class ends, the editor makes the necessary adjustments and edits, publishing the content in high quality. Other platform features offer great benefits, such as the ability for students to return to the beginning or previous moments of the live class, integration with online teacher support, and integration with students' magazines and notice boards."

Through integration with the Mediastream platform, Posiplay increased its capacity to enhance class management and materials delivery to over 5,000 students in several cities across Brazil. Teachers contribute to class preparation and content, resulting in over 30,000 additional materials covering all subjects, approximately 3,000 classes for university admission preparation, and 35,000 exercises and reviews.

"Even though the pandemic necessitated online classes, Curso Positivo students benefited from a new way to access lessons. We've successfully combined traditional teaching methods with the needs of today's more digital students," added Alceu.

Posiplay also allows students to engage in live conversations with teachers via chat. High school juniors at Curso Positivo can also access the platform to prepare for university admission exams. A survey among students revealed that satisfaction levels increased by 40%, from 60% to 84.3%, compared to the previous platform used.