Banco de Chile creates unique and interactive experiences for its clients and organization

Banco de Chile is a financial institution that operates in Chile. It has a wide network of branches, ATMs and other electronic distribution channels.


Banco de Chile is one of the most important companies in Chile, with more than 120 years of tradition and an important client portfolio, it has always been innovative in the use of new technologies. Incorporating as part of its strategy the use of digital platforms and the creation of audiovisual material.

It was one of the pioneer banks in Chile in the creation of digital events, which are transmitted using our Live Streaming technology.

The large amount of audiovisual material it generates led them to the need to manage all their VOD content and activate live broadcasts through their internal employee applications, so starting in 2019, they integrated Mediastream Platform into their internal flow. of work.

As a result of the recent pandemic, new needs arose, which led Banco de Chile to explore the possibility of having a public audiovisual website, with the purpose of managing video content of products and services. During 2020, Mediastream developed an exclusive Web product for the bank, where today it promotes products such as Fan Account, Customer Benefits and general banking information, establishing interactive communication with all its customers.

This Web Channel, called B TV, is publicly accessible and managed entirely by the bank, being the official channel for broadcasting all its audiovisual content in VOD and Live.

In parallel, different areas of the bank expressed interest in having a platform that would help them with their Live Streaming events, for conferences, seminars and others, so starting in the last quarter of 2020, Banco de Chile uses Mediastream Platform, for the creation of all their events, where they have the possibility of graphically personalizing each experience or event, defining the type of access control for participants and guests and working together with the Mediastream audiovisual team, allowing complete management and offering the best service in all your live broadcasts.

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