RDF Media, innovation and leadership in the world of radio and podcasts

RDF Media is a Chilean radio conglomerate belonging to Channel 13. Due to its history, it has stood out as the most innovative radio station in Chile in audio and radio.


RDF Media is one of Mediastream's strategic clients, with a long-term relationship based on trust and mutual commitment. With four radio stations (PlayFM, SonarFM) and its podcasting platform Emisor Podcasting (creators of Case 63), RDF Media uses the Mediastream Platform to organize, broadcast and monetize its audio content, as well as to obtain insights through analysis of audience. Additionally, with OTT Next, RDF Media has built “MediaFirst” sites and applications focused on user experience and audio and video advertising. The continuous collaboration of both companies has been key to their joint growth.

“Mediastream's contribution has been a pillar in terms of the development of Audio in RDF Media. Not only, by the way, through the quality of its streaming, but fundamentally from the possibility of considering, together, developments and experiences that mean a step forward with respect to what is a standard at the time. In some ways, our communication functions much more like an alliance, an alliance that sets goals that challenge both parties. And it is that type of bond that motivates us the most to continue working together.” Gabriel Polgati Rojas, Executive Director of RDF MEDIA

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