Simplify access and enhance security in your streaming: Google SSO


Mediastream takes a step forward in improving the registration experience for streaming events, reinforcing security, and simplifying access.

In today's digital age, event and information security is of utmost importance. In this regard, we are proud to announce the latest enhancement to our platform: the integration of Google's Single Sign-On (SSO) into the registration process on our landing pages.

This integration not only streamlines the access process for our users but also strengthens the security of the events held on our platform. Google SSO allows users to authenticate on our platform using their Google credentials. This eliminates the need for multiple passwords and usernames, simplifying access and enhancing the user experience. Beyond convenience, this integration has a significant impact on security, ensuring that only authorized users can access and participate in events on our landing pages.

The integration of Google SSO into our landing page registration represents a step forward in the security of online events. Our priority is to provide a hassle-free experience for our users while maintaining a secure and reliable environment.

Join us! Your security and satisfaction are our greatest motivation, and with the integration of Google SSO, we move confidently towards a safer and more accessible digital future.