The most important metrics to measure streaming success


In times of social media, we know that content is king, the actual seller. Therefore, as the consumer becomes more sophisticated and selective, it is not enough to create content, but it is necessary to provide added value.

It is not just about getting a thousand followers but also having a thousand followers interested in your content. And since what is not measured cannot be improved, we must know which content is the best performing according to our audience.

Once the path is traced, we will have indicators to obtain results based on what we want to achieve. At Mediastream we are aware of the importance of achieving good performance, which is why we present the most important metrics to measure streaming success.

Views or plays

It is the number of visits the transmission had. This metric allows you to learn about your total universe of plays achieved throughout the event. With this figure, we have the basis to break down the following data. You will have many visits, but not all will stay, so your strategy is essential to keep the public engaged.

Unique users

Refers to the number of unique people who accessed the transmission. It is counted via a cookie in the user's browser, so if they have been connected more than once, they will be counted as only 1 user, but if they connect from Chrome and Safari, they will be counted as 2 users (in general, few people do this). This metric allows you to measure how many individual users consumed your streaming, regardless of whether they left or re-entered in the middle of the stream.

usuarios únicos, dos personas conectadas a una transmisión desde dos dispositivos diferentes. una cookie queda registrada en el navegador de cada uno de ellos para contabilizar su actividad durante la transmisión.
Unique users refers to the number of unique people who accessed the transmission.

Peak concurrency

It corresponds to the content's climax, which managed to have more views or plays during the transmission. This metric allows having a view of the moment that most interests consumers within the timeline in which an event takes place. Analyzing this peak also allows identifying the profile of the audience segment you are reaching and comparing it with other key points of the transmission.

gráfico que mide el peak de concurrencia. se observa el momento que registra más plays durante una transmisión
The peak of concurrency corresponds to the moment of the transmission that registers the most plays.

Play time

This is the number of minutes/seconds that users spent consuming your live content. They are usually separated into sections to set an average by time segments. This metric is useful for knowing how interesting your content is for the audience you are reaching or trying to reach. The longer the playback time, the more interested the audience is.


Refers to the number of times your content was shared, thus obtaining traffic from other locations on the Internet. This metric is extremely useful because it diagnoses how interesting your content is vs. audience reach achieved, obtaining information regarding how your audience communicates with your streaming.

el nivel de interacción en internet se mide con los likes y comparticiones que consigue el contenido.
The engagement on the Internet is measured by the likes and shares obtained by the content.Having a high engagement level, in general, means that users are interested in the content, and that is why they share it.

To establish what your metrics will be and what aspects of the transmission you will measure, always remember to have an objective defined. Numbers are key but analyzing them to read the results properly is even more important.

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