Emisor Podcasting, the audio OTT that connects Spanish speakers around the world

RDF Media is the audio and digital content holding company of Canal 13, responsible for the Play, Sonar, Oasis, Tele13 Radio, and Horizonte radio stations. During 2019 they decided to launch Emisor Podcasting, a platform created around conversations in podcast format, giving a platform to prominent personalities from the Hispanic world and opinion leaders in different areas of interest.


From its beginning, the project was considered as a podcast and audio content platform on demand, created from Chile for the Spanish-speaking world. A specialized audio OTT, developed by Mediastream, which brings together countless authors around the same brand.

The solution chosen for Emisor Podcasting was Mediastream Platform Audio + OTT, which allowed them to have a real End to End service, fully integrated, with a backend that allows them to manage and distribute content on all their platforms, both podcasting broadcaster and third-party platforms such as Spotify, Tunein, Apple Podcast, among others.

Under the AAOD (Advertising Audio On Demand) strategy, users access the content for free, since the product is financed through audio advertising (audio ad insertion), which they can listen to from their web platforms or applications. iOS and Android. Users can also sign up to subscribe to specific topics, follow “broadcasters,” and save their playback history.

"The contribution of Mediastream has been a pillar in terms of the development of Audio in RDF Media. Not only, by the way, through the quality of its streaming, but fundamentally from the possibility of considering, together, developments and experiences that mean a step forward from what was a standard at the time. In some ways, our communication works much more like an alliance, an alliance that proposes goals that challenge both parties. And it is that type of bond that motivates us the most to continue working together."Gabriel Polgati Rojas, Executive Director of RDF MEDIA

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