ICARE, connecting leaders and experts through online streaming

ICARE is a private, non-profit corporation independent of union and political interests, founded in 1953 by businessmen and professionals linked to various sectors of national economic activity with the purpose of promoting business excellence in the country.


ICARE's work is especially represented through its important events that bring together the main representatives of economic activity in Chile, events that have been transmitted via Live Streaming for years using Mediastream technology, but in 2020 they had to be stopped. to hold in-person events, adapt and manage to give continuity to your agenda and company mission.

Our 100% remote streaming solution and with the same quality as always, allowed them to continue and carry out the talks and presentations without problem, connected to the speakers from their homes and achieving fluid communication.

With our dynamic interface, presentations, videos and sign language were added in a personalized landing page and also published as Live Streaming on their social networks.

The production and direction of the event is in charge of a team of experts who are present throughout the entire process to offer the best user experience. We deliver information security and protection with restricted or open access depending on the need.

ICARE has trusted Mediastream for several years, commissioning all the audiovisual production of its events via streaming, they use Mediastream Platform to manage, organize and distribute their audiovisual content, which is published and stored on Icaretv.cl, Web Channel managed by Mediastream .

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