NTT Data, Transforming Experiences with Virtual Reality

The virtual reality studio for NTT Data has proven to be an invaluable tool for creating immersive and exciting experiences.

Studio VR

NTT Data is a leading global information technology and consulting company. Recognized for its leadership in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, NTT Data delivers innovative and customized solutions for clients around the world. Its customer-centric approach and its connection to the NTT Group support its position as a leader in the global technology sector.

The cutting-edge technology of our virtual reality studio has allowed NTT Data to immerse its clients and collaborators in completely new experiences. by experiencing the transmission of messages in a universe full of creativity. From exciting encounters with superheroes to the stunning recreation of New York City inside Jimmy Fallon's studio, NTT Data continues to stand out as a leader in communications and technology.

Our virtual reality platform has revolutionized the way businesses connect with their audience. By using this innovative technology, NTT Data has managed to create immersive experiences that go beyond simple presentations, offering its clients and collaborators a memorable and exciting journey.‍

In summary, the virtual reality studio for NTT Data has proven to be a tool invaluable for creating immersive and exciting experiences. This success story reflects NTT Data's continued commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of communications and technology.

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