AI Studio, the Artificial Intelligence of Mediastream Platform


By enabling this functionality, each video uploaded to the Mediastream platform processes information about the appearing people, their sentimental analysis, and the transcription of all dialogues. In addition to keywords and specific suggested tags for each content.

This is a big advance in getting meta information about the content being loaded and allowing much more detailed searches to be carried out. For example, we can search for all uploaded videos where Donald Trump appears and the result shows us the exact seconds of all videos where his face appears.

But Artificial Intelligence not only works with images, it is also capable of recognizing the emotions that are expressed in the broadcast audio. So you can get information about what is being talked about in each video.

The AI Studio module is an amazing help for companies that generate a lot of video content, such as TV Channels, eLearning platforms, government or private companies. Since by automatically generating more complementary information for uploaded videos, subsequent searches are much faster and more precise, and are able to get truthful and accurate information to make editorial decisions about published content.

Mediastream Platform constantly continues to add the most advanced technology for administration, editing, distributing and monetization of online content. That is why it is used by big players around the world.

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