Closer than ever: digital revolution in education


If we've learned anything from this pandemic, it's that not everything has to be face-to-face. Meetings, interviews and hundreds of processes have been modernized to suit the life of a "home office". Education was not unaware of this change, every day there are more and more online educational platforms that try to quickly, effectively and, above all, simply deliver their content to consumers.

This digital transformation has helped teachers and students receive the benefits directly and are closer than ever. Attending classes wherever they are.

VOD formats and live streaming classes increased enormously between 2020 and 2021. The number of students has increased and the demand for online learning services has become evident. Institutions must have technology at their disposal to efficiently deliver content, optimize costs, and guarantee constant access to the entire community.

That is why platforms such as Google Classroom or OpenSource LMS (Learning Management Systems), such as Moodle, have become more popular in recent years. But there are also platforms that create their own content and focus on the end user, such as Platzi. The latter uses the Mediastream platform as the backend for all audiovisual content and is one of our success stories. Other very relevant learning platforms are Sakai, Swad, DokeOS, Canvas and Blackboard Learn, to which alternatives are gradually being added as the demand for these services increases.

At Mediastream, we have experience in education. We have important clients such as Kroton in Brazil, which is part of Cogna Educação, the world's largest private education company, which currently has over 2 million students enrolled, and the aforementioned Platzi worldwide. The latter has already registered over a million users in 2019 in countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Spain and the United States. 600 courses and over 50 careers, all taught remotely via streaming. Its success was so great that over the past year the demand for its content has increased by 60%.

This growth requires an agile platform to organize, run and deliver content, so that the entire backend of both companies is managed through the Mediastream Platform, which ensures that content is available to all students and teachers as well as the administration of all your live and VOD courses, and of course the best distribution thanks to our own CDN.