Introducing Mediatech Solutions at NABShow 2024


This year, we had the honor of participating in NABShow as exhibitors, showcasing our latest solutions and connecting with colleagues and clients from across the industry. This global event, which extends beyond a trade show, organized by the National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas, serves as a gathering point for professionals in the media and entertainment industry, where the latest technologies are exhibited and knowledge and experiences are shared.

Mediastream at NABShow

As leaders in streaming, we are proud to have been part of this unique experience. At our booth, we presented our technological solutions for audio and video management and transmission. With over 200 brands, we are committed to revolutionizing the way content is consumed and distributed in the world of #mediatech and streaming.

Among our solutions:

Media Platform: a powerful cloud-based tool that facilitates the management, distribution, and transmission of audio and video content.

OTT: an end-to-end solution that provides flexible experiences across different devices and platforms, allowing for full control over front-end updates.

MediaFirst: the ultimate solution for enhanced audio and video experiences, our platform combines the best of the web, apps, and smart TV. With CMS content management and an efficient front end.

Fast Channel: a tool designed to transform content management and monetization, making it easy to create channels from video content and monetize through integrated advertising. The interface simplifies management, from on-demand videos to live streams, making it accessible to all users.

CDP: Customer Data Platform, providing a comprehensive and unified view of user data.

Live Editor Pro: The fastest and most effective way to manage real-time content. Connecting directly to the Live Editor module. Edit and publish your content directly, all from one platform.

AI Assistant: capable of generating advanced metadata from video images during live or on-demand broadcasts.

Connections and Experiences at the Mediastream Booth

From inspiring encounters to valuable connections, every moment was special.

CNN Chile, Paramount Chile and BBC News.

NBC Univision

TV Azteca


Towards a Bright Future

NABShow has been an invaluable opportunity to learn, collaborate, and grow together as an industry. We will continue to work hard to drive the #Mediatech industry and excellence in the streaming world.

Thank you to everyone who visited us at NABShow 2024 and to those who continue to trust us for their streaming needs.

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