Large radio groups prefer Mediastream


Simplifying and streamlining processes is an important part of why our partners choose Mediastream and our platform. Reach your audience more efficiently through our own CDN, ensuring a better experience, with a player specially designed for radio and podcasts. When it comes to business, you are looking to monetize your content more efficiently, controlling costs, and opening new markets.

According to Enrique López León, RPP's Program Sales Coordinator, the Mediastream platform helped them to do just that, finding opportunities to generate income in other markets: “Monetization outside Peru is very important and has grown stronger in recent months. We have a large market in the United States, which has always been very important to us. While in Peru it took a long time to activate advertising budgets, in the United States it was a different reality. We saw that there is a lot of ad traffic, higher CPM, and higher profitability. Now we have the tools to seize this opportunity in the US, European countries and Latin America. Thanks to Mediastream, we can make better money on our content, thanks to cooperation with Adswizz we can see how revenues from programming sales in the USA have increased”.

The key is to maximize monetization using intuitive platforms like Mediastream Platform. But it is also necessary to emphasize the simplicity when creating and publishing the developed content: “We seek to promote everything in the Streaming, and it has achieved great success. In podcasts, we're always looking for new content, audience niches and spaces to use, so having the technology that allows us to enhance them, helps us a lot. Mediastream allows us to make connections at the technological and commercial level to better monetize them”, says López, who also mentions that “the analytics provided by Mediastream allow us to make better commercial decisions about content and its commercialization, with a modern, intuitive and friendly interface, this is something we didn't have with another provider”.

Simplicity, efficiency, cost control and a one-to-one relationship between both parties are the core of Mediastream. According to Gabriel Polgati Rojas, RDF Media Executive Director, this last point was very important: “Mediastream contribution has been a pillar in audio development at RDF Media. Incidentally, not only through the quality of its streaming, but basically from being able to together consider the developments and experiences that mean being one step ahead of the standard. In a way, our communication works more like an alliance that proposes goals that challenge both sides. And it is this type of bond that motivates us the most to further cooperation”.

That is why RDF Media in Chile with its radios Play, Sonar, Oasis, Emisor Podcasting, Horizonte and Tele13 Radio works with Mediastream and our platform, as does Grupo RPP in Peru with RPP, which is the most listened radio in their country, Studio 92, Oxígeno,  La Zona, Corazón, Felicidad and La Mega. Grupo Octubre in Argentina with Radio Aspen, the second most important in Argentina, AM 750, Radio Like, Radio Blackie, Oktubre, Malena FM, Club 947 and finally Grupo Fórmula in Mexico.