Mediastream Audience: Generating new earnings for our clients


This is what our Mediastream Audience team does, which has become an important part of our company, as they helped us to integrate Mediastream Platform with the first-class advertising ecosystem, connecting agencies and advertisers with major publishers and media, who are also our clients, thus implementing important campaigns run by a specialized team, which allows us to obtain the best effectiveness and efficiency for our clients in many campaigns that are implemented on a daily basis.

We improve and simplify the monetization of advertising sales on digital radio and television for each of our partners, which include the most important traditional and digital media publishers in Latin America.

Publication of campaigns for DAI (dynamic ad insertion) has been significantly simplified compared to the previously available platform, as it allows you to activate multiple campaigns in a few steps and view their results through a simple and intuitive dashboard”, Fernando Cataldo, Digital Ad Trafficker at TVN tells us.

That is the idea, increase the sales of audio and video ads to our partners, taking advantage of the fact that their content already uses our platform, in fact Verónica Rodríguez, Deputy Sales Manager at Mediastream, tells us that “being a Technology company allows us to create an exclusive advertising ecosystem that is fully integrated with the audiovisual content management platform of our clients, that’s why we can offer the market a product of excellence which facilitates the purchase of media agencies and at the same time we are a generator of relevant revenue for our clients of the Mediastream Plarform.

The last point is very important, since integrating services also helps us deliver better and more useful metrics. According to Cataldo, “the level of detail of the information provided by the Mediastream Platform allowed us to understand what the user behavior in terms of content consumption during the day is and to make publishing decisions based on this information, which allows us to be more accurate when offering content to users. and thus increasing its reach"

And that’s not all, because according to him “in our particular case, Audience allowed us to consistently develop our video inventory over time, especially due to the simplicity and reliability of the publishing processes. This translated into achieving goals and higher income".

This way Mediastream continues to grow together with our clients, the key is to engage in the development of their businesses and implementation of the best technologies.