Mediastream is the streaming of the Chilean Constitutional Assembly


Provide trust, transparency and accurate information to the public are some of the most important challenges in the political arena, so when Chile decided to update their political constitution, Mediastream took the responsibility for these transmissions.

The State of Chile decided to broadcast all of the sessions of this inedit political process, and Mediastream is the technical entity to deliver content to all the people in the country and abroad.

In order to meet all standards and expectations, we have installed a broadcast room in the building, where 25 of our team members work every day, broadcasting up to 14 signals simultaneously and remotely controlling with NDI, 26 cameras placed in two State buildings.

All the content generated is transmitted by Live Streaming and is distributed over the internet using the SRT Protocol, to ensure the greatest possible compatibility and always  available to TV channels to use the signal if they need it. 

One of the biggest challenges we have to meet was to fully broadcast all the sessions, where some of them can last up to 6 hours.

All the speeches and sessions are broadcasted live and are also available minutes after the stream ends for playback on demand in a Webchannel built by our company, which has the historical archive of transmissions.

Mediastream has put in hands of the State of Chile all the technology and industry knowledge developed in more than 13 years of history. This  technology was developed internally and it is available to all our clients in our products such as Mediastream Platform and Next Events. If you want to achieve excellence and exceptional quality in your next streaming event, please contact us to be your partner to work on the management, distribution and monetization of your video and audio content.