Mediastream Platform OTT integrates Kushki and Mercado Pago


The constant growing offer of OTT services on the market is unstoppable. Every day there are more streaming services available fighting for eyeball time, making it imperative to integrate with the payment gateways that best respond to the user marketplace.

The Mediastream Platform OTT manages, distributes and monetizes all your audiovisual content, and demonstrates with these new integrations, its commitment to offer the widest supported End-to-end platform in the market. Supporting the Mercado Pago and Kushki payment gateways allows our customers to pay for OTT services with their local gateway provider, regardless whether their business model is subscription or pay-per-view based, or any hybrid form.

The integration with Kushki allows us to simplify the payment process by directly accepting multiple credit cards

In addition to Kushki, we also offer Mercado Pago, a platform created by Mercado Libre, allowing you to make online payments in a very easy, safe and efficient way. ​With more than 14 years of experience as a marketplace, Mercado Pago has a presence in 8 countries and processes online payments for approximately 90 million shoppers. Mercado Pago supports 50 different payment methods within the Americas region offering unique benefits and interest-free fees

With this, Mediastream Platform becomes the first OTT platform to directly incorporate this leading payment method within the region and makes it directly available to its users.

With Kushki and Mercado Pago as payment providers integrated with Mediastream Platform OTT, our platform becomes a pioneer in simplifying the payment process of major companies in the region. What does it mean? Users now have more options when making a payment and can pay in their local currency. Easier will be impossible.

The Mediastream Platform OTT powers some of the most important OTTs, accessed by thousands of users across the Americas. If you want to find out more about our solution, please click the button below to contact us.