Mediastream Takes a Major Step Forward in Audio with IAB Tech Lab Podcast Certification


We are pleased to announce that Mediastream has certified its audio and podcast analytics with IAB Tech Lab. At Mediastream, we take data accuracy very seriously.

What is This?

The compliance program for the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines ensures companies are using a common set of agreed-upon metrics for podcast content and ads. It also certifies and validates that companies are adhering to the guidelines. 

Completing the compliance program ensures the accuracy and consistency of measurement data used in podcast environments, which in turn helps to instill trust, reliability , and credibility of this channel for the buy-side.

The IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines document was developed by the IAB Tech Lab Podcast Technical Working Group, in partnership with the IAB Audio Committee. A group of major media companies, including NPR, ESPN, and Pandora, contributed to the creation of this document. Mediastream’s certification aligns us with these industry leaders, validating our commitment to high standards.

Jarrett Wold, VP of Member Solutions, Services, and Compliance of IAB Tech Lab, says: “We’re thrilled to have Mediastream certified for the IAB Podcast Measurement Guidelines. By going through this process, Mediastream demonstrates their commitment to delivering consistent and reliable metrics for Podcasts that can be trusted by advertisers. Congratulations to the Mediastream team on this certification.”

Unique Analytics from Mediastream

Our analytics provide insights into audience behavior for both audio and video, offering a 360° view that includes anonymous users, registered users, paying subscribers, CDP and much more. It’s a truly comprehensive solution. Specifically for podcasts, we use this certification to ensure the quality of our data.

The Importance of Audio Growth

With the daily growth of large audiences, it’s crucial to measure accurately and based on standards. Mediastream has always valued precise measurements, adding value for those who use our platform. Our clients can trust that their audiences are authentic and accurate in Mediastream’s panels.

Why is it Important?

For media companies, it ensures that metrics are certified and reliable. We take your data very seriously, and now you can confidently share these data with your various stakeholders.

Does it Help My Business?

Yes, having secure and reliable audience information is crucial when you want to sell advertising on your podcasts. Additionally, you can trust this information to project and grow your business.

Luis Ahumada, CEO of Mediastream, adds: “Podcast audio, in particular, has a unique behavior. Approximately 70% of podcast consumption happens on third-party distribution platforms, making accurate measurement essential. To understand how all consumers engage, it’s important to combine player metrics with server logs for comprehensive insights. Our podcast hosting and in-stream ads services benefit greatly from these precise measurements, ensuring we provide the best value to our clients.”

We are very proud of this step, which will help our clients and all of us improve our standards.

Luis Ahumada

CEO, Mediastream