Mediastream: The end to end OVP


At Mediastream, we have developed a complete platform to manage, distribute and monetize content for our clients.

It is essential to highlight that our technology offers solutions for the correct distribution of audio and video content where all the points involved are solved: We simplify the complex ecosystem of solutions and software in a single product called Mediastream Online Video Platform. This is how we provide an intuitive and flexible application capable of solving the entire value chain associated with the administration, distribution and monetization of audiovisual content.

​​Mediastream Online Video Platform solución permite ahorrar tiempo y recursos de desarrollo, con la más robusta y confiable plataforma.

Algunos beneficios de utilizar Mediastream Online Video Platform:

Manage and distribute your content in a simple and synchronized way


Offer first-class consumer experiences to your audience by managing your content in a simple and friendly way through our media module. You can organize audio and video content including all its details such as organization by programs, seasons, directors and much other data.

Greater efficiency of your team through better workflows

Improve workflows in your operation and optimize your team's time with our tools like Live Editor to create clips directly from your live signal. You can also send your Live Streaming to platforms that accept RTMP publication such as Facebook, Youtube, among others through our re-streaming tool.

Fully integrated Video and Audio Player

We have a proprietary Player with HTML5 technology, which is customizable with your brand image: logo, colors and others. It also allows you to view online signals in a floating window (Picture in Picture) to continue consuming content without stopping and interrupting playback while your audience interacts with other sites.

Content delivery that stands out

We have all the necessary technology to reach your audience with the best user experience: Playlist management with smart filters for your own content or integration with external sites. Automation of video and audio cutting processes, recording and automatic publication of content and more.

Get the best out of your content with Monetization

Get new revenue, monetize your content with advertising formats such as SSAI, Pre Roll and others.

Online support that solves problems

We have support and monitoring tools, content security, statistics, specialized support for end users and more.

At Mediastream we have more than 300 customers: large TV and Radio Broadcasting groups, Retail Companies, Festival and event producers and Government. Today we can solve all the problems associated with audio and video streaming regardless of where you are in the world.

​​We want to change the rules and become the main character

of the digital transformation of companies around the world. Mediastream was born in 2007, and we started providing a good service and being pioneers in the region implementing audio streaming for the radio industry, then we released live events and a SaaS cloud called Platform to become one of the most complete solutions in the Mediatech industry.

If you want more information about our services, contact us and let's talk about your streaming challenges