Real-time Reactions During Your Streams!


At Mediastream, we continue to innovate and deliver the best streaming experience: Live reactions at your events!

At Mediastream, we've always strived to provide the most innovative tools to take your live broadcasts to the next level. And now, with this exciting feature, we're taking a step forward in how your audience connects with you in real time.

Imagine this: You're broadcasting, sharing your exceptional content with the world, and your viewers can react instantaneously. Whether they're delighted❤️, happy 🎉, surprised😮, laughing😃, or applauding 👏 from their virtual seats, they'll now have the opportunity to express their emotions live.

Our Player features real-time reactions, creating a closer bond between you and your audience, allowing for smoother and more meaningful interaction.

We're passionate about making your broadcasts even more engaging and memorable. We're committed to providing innovative solutions that enable your audience to actively and emotionally participate in every moment. With this feature, instant feedback becomes an integral part of your broadcasts, allowing you to adjust and adapt your content based on your viewers' reactions as they happen.

Join us! 🎥

Your creativity and our commitment to excellence are about to create unforgettable moments!