TV Azteca now uses Mediastream as its new streaming platform


That's right, TV Azteca is part of one of the largest Spanish-speaking media groups in the world and currently owns four TV channels in Mexico: Azteca uno, Azteca 7, adn40 and a+.

This company is part of Grupo Salinas, one of Mexico's largest economic conglomerates, and broadcasts to over 300 local stations nationwide. There is hardly a place where you cannot hear the radio from them.

TV Azteca also operates Azteca Trece Internacional, reaching 13 countries in Central and South America, and part of the Azteca América network in the United States.

Why is this alliance important? Not only because of the level of partner we get with TV Azteca, but also because they chose Mediastream as the provider in charge of the transmissions of their Live Streaming signals on all their platforms, as well as the management of all their VOD content. From 2021, Mediastream became the only streaming provider for all its stations and broadcasts.

What's even better, is that we've simplified their processes, because Mediastream has taken over an operation that previously required 4 providers, and now runs smoothly with just one. What do you think?

This is how TV Azteca becomes one of the major players in Latin America that uses Mediastream Platform technology to administer, manage, distribute and monetize all its content. If we can do this for them, imagine what we can do for you. Find out about all our services by clicking here below.