What is OTT TV? Learn about its advantages and disadvantages against Internet TV channels.


But, what is OTT? Over the top can be interpreted as "a bypass" and, in this case, refers to the use of public Internet networks without the need for an intermediate provider. The only thing someone needs to set up an OTT service is the Internet and a compatible device. This service is cheaper to install and ends up being more accessible to consumers due to the above.

Today, OTT technology is used for Internet television and radio transmission, as well as video calls over IP, cloud storage, and instant messaging. Netflix, Wuaki.tv, Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber are prominent users of OTT technology.

What is OTT TV?

OTT TV is a television service via the public Internet that allows access to content from all over the world. The primary way to access this programming is "on-demand "; that is, the users choose what they want to watch and when to watch it. It is a big difference from Internet TV channels transmitted via networks managed by telecommunications companies since the latter usually have predefined schedules in which the programmatic agenda broadcast.

Another feature that allows us to understand OTT TV better is that we can use it from any device with an Internet connection and access the same content on smartphones, tablets, and computers, allowing programming continuity no matter the location.

Adaptive streaming

The increase in demand for OTT services has kept the industry searching for ways to improve delivery quality. "Adaptive streaming" has become relevant in this context; that is, video settings adapt to offer the user the best possible quality at any given time, depending on bandwidth and device. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to decrease the resolution to improve fluency if the recipient has a slow connection.

Conventional Internet TV channels do not usually have this technology, leading to sustained interruptions when the user has a low bit rate.

Forecasts for OTT TV

According to Convergence Research estimates, OTT technology will drive 90% of the US population TV and movie rental income in 2020. Figures from the same research center indicate that cable TV has suffered a constant 4% loss of its subscribers per year.

OTT seems to have come to stay, and its advantages over cable and Internet TV channels are obvious. At Mediastream we offer services for those who seek to create channels or transmit via streaming using this format, with important brands such as Cartoon Network among our clients.