The success of RPP, and how it achieved better profitability and visualization of its analytics

RPP is one of the most important radio groups in Peru and with the largest audience in the country. RPP provides extensive coverage of news, sports, entertainment and opinion programs.


Grupo RPP is the most important media conglomerate in Peru.

It has various business lines in radio: RPP Noticias, Studio 92, Capital, Oxígeno, Corazón, Felicidad, La Zona; and the main websites in the country in the information segment and in the music and entertainment market. The RPP Group also has two cable television channels (RPP TV and Capital TV), MCD Mercados and Sabrosa radio markets, and the Retail Screens business.

RPP has been characterized over time for being pioneers in the launch of Audio and Podcast products, always offering top-level products and excellent quality. What characterizes them is that they look for technological partners that allow them to continue innovating along this line and developing new products. This is why as of March 2021, Mediastream begins to work with Grupo RPP as its official Streaming provider. One of the main reasons that triggered this alliance between both companies is because they were looking for a robust platform that allows them to optimize internal operation times, offer high quality streaming and have a business partner that allows them to innovate in the time.

In August 2020, Mediastream inaugurated a new point of presence (PoP) in Lima, thus complementing our physical points of presence to improve the coverage of our own CDN in the region. This was also a key element for RPP, since it allows them to deliver a better content consumption experience to users who are within Peruvian territory.

Our API for integration with your RPP Player product was of great help for a quick integration between services, and together with the new digital ad revenue formats such as Audio Ad Insertion, also the already known Pre-Mid and Post-roll, They were decisive elements for RPP to choose Mediastream as its new streaming provider.

"We have seen that there is a lot of movement in advertising, higher CPM and greater profitability... The analytics provided by Mediastream allow us to make better commercial decisions regarding content and its marketing, in addition the interface is very modern, intuitive and friendly, that is something that we did not have with the other supplier." Enrique López León, Programmatic Sales Coordinator of Grupo RPP

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