The rise of Live shopping, what it is, and how to achieve massive sales using this technique.


Before COVID-19, eCommerce was reserved for certain categories of products or services such as electronics and travel. However, during the past year, we saw many companies quickly adapting to the trend, solving the need to sell in the middle of the pandemic. They brought all kinds of products to the web, and today, it is possible to buy almost anything without leaving home.

Thus, novel Internet marketing formats have been emerging, such as Live Shopping, a strategy that began in China in 2016 but grew in the world during 2020. In Latin America, there are already many experiences.

Live Shopping is a sales strategy that consists of connecting a streaming video transmission with eCommerce. Thus, those attending the online sale interact in the transmission, where products or services are shown to be purchased directly, without leaving the event.

This strategy connects the streaming video trend with product reviews, which are nothing new on the net and YouTubers have been doing for years, but with the possibility of buying without leaving the transmission.

Its success is so large that Amazon enabled an exclusive channel for Live Shopping, which is available continuously 24 hours a day.

In Chile, our client Cheil conducted the Samsung Galaxy S21 launch with a powerful media campaign calling to be among the first to buy the smartphone via Live Shopping and access exclusive prizes and surprises. The event brought together thousands of people connected via Mediastream technology, and all devices for the activity were sold during the transmission.

Live Shopping solves one of the main problems of eCommerce: the lack of confidence when buying a product. Because having a visible face that provides credibility to the brand and shows the product live increases the purchase decision.

That is why one of the main recommendations is to have a credible face; it can be an influencer, a celebrity, or simply the sales manager of the product or service, who must be in charge of showing the operation live and answering the questions of the attendees.

Another important recommendation is to create a community around the sale, for example, with limited access available only to those who register first or to customers who meet certain requirements, which are rewarded with special prices or promotions they can only access during that special sale.

It is also necessary to create expectations about the event, schedule the time and URL where the sale will happen in advance, and reinforce the invitation in the brand media channels such as social networks and mailing.

Finally, it is essential to have a platform that allows Live Shopping, which shows the products and services, connects with your eCommerce, and is suited to face high traffic from users who access the landing and live video.

That is why at Mediastream, we have worked on the Next Event Module, which allows us to create customized landings for each event, including Live Shopping in each one. The products are previously loaded there, and while the transmission is being carried out, the administrator can add, remove or highlight each one. Users accessing the event can interact in the chat or via surveys. By clicking on the product, they are forwarded to your eCommerce without leaving the transmission to complete the purchase.

If you have any questions and want to see the Live Shopping in operation, do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a meeting with our team and explore the possibilities of applying this strategy and technology to your business.