Cogna Educação, Boost education in Brazil with Mediastream Platform

Cogna Educação is a private educational company in Brazil. It is considered the largest educational company in Brazil and offers educational services at various levels, from preschool to postgraduate. Cogna has more than 2 million students and operates through 22 educational brands nationwide.


Cogna Educação, the largest private educational company in Brazil, has become a major education partner for Mediastream Platform since 2020. Previously, Cogna used three providers for Videos and Live Streaming, but currently only uses Mediastream. With more than 2 million students and 22 educational brands throughout Brazil, Cogna excels in all educational segments, from preschool to postgraduate, and is proud to offer high-quality education to its students. With Mediastream, Cogna can provide a high-quality video and live streaming experience to its students throughout Brazil.

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