Experiencias Inspiradoras

Descubre cómo los clientes de Mediastream aprovechan al máximo nuestra tecnología de streaming para gestionar, difundir y monetizar contenidos audiovisuales.

Emisor Podcasting, the audio OTT that connects Spanish speakers around the world

RDF Media is the audio and digital content holding company of Canal 13, responsible for the Play, Sonar, Oasis, Tele13 Radio, and Horizonte radio stations. During 2019 they decided to launch Emisor Podcasting, a platform created around conversations in podcast format, giving a platform to prominent personalities from the Hispanic world and opinion leaders in different areas of interest.

The success of RPP, and how it achieved better profitability and visualization of its analytics

RPP is one of the most important radio groups in Peru and with the largest audience in the country. RPP provides extensive coverage of news, sports, entertainment and opinion programs.

RCN Radio, how it managed to improve the user experience, support and monetization

RCN Radio is the largest radio network in Colombia, with more than 70 years of experience and made up of more than 100 stations.

RDF Media, innovation and leadership in the world of radio and podcasts

RDF Media is a Chilean radio conglomerate belonging to Channel 13. Due to its history, it has stood out as the most innovative radio station in Chile in audio and radio.