Experiencias Inspiradoras

Descubre cómo los clientes de Mediastream aprovechan al máximo nuestra tecnología de streaming para gestionar, difundir y monetizar contenidos audiovisuales.

Curso Positivo, transforms education with classes via Streaming

The choice of the Mediastream platform was based on its outstanding ability to manage online classes and offer the desired quality in both the transmission and management of educational content.

Cogna Educação, Boost education in Brazil with Mediastream Platform

Cogna Educação is a private educational company in Brazil. It is considered the largest educational company in Brazil and offers educational services at various levels, from preschool to postgraduate. Cogna has more than 2 million students and operates through 22 educational brands nationwide.

Platzi, elevating education with high-performance online courses and streaming

Platzi is the leading online education platform specialized in technological topics in Latin America. Founded in 2013 by Fredy Vega and his Guatemalan partner Christian Van Der Henst, it was the first company of Latin origin to be admitted to Y Combinator, one of the most important incubators in Silicon Valley.

Banco de Chile creates unique and interactive experiences for its clients and organization

Banco de Chile is a financial institution that operates in Chile. It has a wide network of branches, ATMs and other electronic distribution channels.

Mercado Libre optimize and strengthen your sales pipeline for an improved experience

Mercado Libre is an e-commerce and technology company that operates in several Latin American countries. Mercado Libre provides a virtual space for sellers and buyers to connect, facilitating transactions and offering different payment and shipping options.

Spanish Broadcasting System, chooses Mediastream as its provider for the launch of its Live Video Streaming

SBS is a media organization that owns and operates radio stations specializing in Spanish-speaking audiences in the US. Its focus is on combining entertainment and information, and has been a pioneer in creating Spanish-language programming for American audiences.

TV Azteca, simplifies and optimizes your workflows

TV Azteca is one of the main media conglomerates in Mexico. It has a broad presence in the pay television market, as well as in the digital and entertainment sector.

MegaMedia, the main multiplatform media holding company in Chile, uses Mediastream Platform for its audio and video strategy

Megamedia is the main media holding company in Chile, where various platforms coexist that make up a unified system of television, digital media and radio stations.

Ticketmaster, consolidates the perfect alliance to experience unforgettable concerts online

Ticketmaster is a ticket sales and distribution company founded in West Hollywood, California (USA), with operations throughout the world.